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Gary P. Frey, Sr. - REALTOR®

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Gary is a wonderful asset to our team. Born and raised in Iowa, as a young man, Gary served in the US Army as an MP Sentry Dog Handler. Gary devoted 20 years to the hospitality industry, managing numerous restaurants in the mid-west. Eventually, Gary worked his way to comptroller of  LePavillon Hotel in Stamford. From there Gary evolved into a Certified Network Engineer, helping build Nexvue Information Systems In Stamford. Next, in pursuit of his passion for cooking, Gary opened his own restaurant in New Milford, Gary's Rib House, where he was famous for his gourmet ribs! After five years of enjoying serving his guests, Gary chose to join the family business and sell real estate. Gary has had an amazing first couple of years! He has earned the SFS designation as a Short Sale and Foreclosure Specialist and has closed several transactions. Gary is an active member of the Newtown Lions Club and is married to Barbara Frey. We are fortunate to have such a talented professional join our team! 

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    Gary P. Frey, Sr.
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    • Newtown 84 South Main Street, Unit A Newtown CT 06470
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